UCLA Behavioral Neurology Clinic

The UCLA Behavioral Neurology Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and management of FTD and other Neurobehavioral Disorders. In addition to typical FTD, the clinic evaluates all focal brain degenerations associated with dementia.

Criteria for patient referral

  • Presence of a change in behavior or thinking
  • Strong suspicion of an underlying non-acute brain degeneration.
  • Review of prior evaluations by Nurse Practitioner prior to the patient’s visit.

UCLA Behavioral Neurology Clinic evaluation:

  • Usually involves two visits with scheduled tests in between the two appointments.
  • May include a neuropsychological assessment, functional brain imaging, and specialized behavioral testing. (Neurogenetic assessment is also available.)
  • Sends referring clinicians a summary consultation report upon completion of the evaluation.
  • Provides the patient’s physician with medication and behavioral management strategies.
  • Includes education for patients, families, and caregivers about these rare conditions.